IELTS is the most widely used English language test for work, study, and immigration (International English Language Testing System). More than 10,000 companies recognize IELTS as a valid indicator of real-world English communication proficiency.

IELTS evaluates a test-competency taker in four areas of the English language: speaking, reading, and writing. You will be evaluated on your ability to speak and read English during the test.

The four language abilities to listen, read, write and speak are all tested in the IELTS exam. You can reserve a time slot online at your preferred time and day for the Speaking test. A timeslot will be automatically added to you if you don’t select one within the allotted time.

The exam is completed in less than three hours. To give test takers flexibility and convenience, IELTS test schedules in India are available four times per month or 48 times a year (for paper-based). Saturdays and Thursdays are the typical dates for these tests.