Tips To Study: 5 Amazing hacks to improve your concentration

  • Posted by:Dhurina
  • 09 April 2021

Hello People!!

How are you all? So, I’m here today to talk about one of the most common issues that 90% of the students face, that is, 

How to concentrate on studies?

You must have listened to your teachers, parents or mentors, or any of your well-wishers encouraging you to make timetables, sleep early and rise early, make a habit of studying in the morning, and so on. Such ideas are straightforward and useful but need a high level of determination to be followed in real life. 

Each one of us makes a period table yet never follows it. Such things then create stress and demoralize students. 

As we all know modern problems often require modern solutions. So, read the complete article to know the solutions to focus well on your studies.

1. Start meditating

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”

Everybody has their ways of meditating and relaxing. Some people like to perform yoga asanas, some meditate by focusing on any particular object like pins or something sound to them, some love to listen to soothing songs to focus on their internal points with their eyes closed. Spare at least ten minutes a day for yourself and experience how this can prove to be the most de-stressing ‘Me Time’ for you.

2. Set your goals

“While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things are extraordinary.”

Set your study goals for shorter durations. The first thing you should do at the start of your day is to plan out your complete day as to what topics you have to cover in a set time period. When you plan daily and achieve these small targets, it will make you feel proud, contended, and confident. It will be a sort of motivation for you to follow the same procedure the next day and so on. These little efforts will make a difference in your studying habits and can add up to big results.

3. Be at a quiet place 

“Silence is a giver; it gives something to you! 

Noise is a taker; it takes something from you! Seek for silence.”

So, put yourself in a room where there is pin-drop silence. It will be best if you have a study room in your house or if you can focus on your studies in your room. If you don’t have that option, you can join some libraries or so. If you doubt your determination, put yourself in a place where you have no other option rather than studying. Once you develop the habit of sitting for a longer duration, it will not be much difficult for you to concentrate on your studies. You’ll experience that you’ll be able to complete more topics per day and with greater efficiency. That will however boost up your confidence and help you perform better.

4. Learn to say ‘NO’

“It’s only by saying ‘No’ that you concentrate on the things that are important.”

Learn to say no in the initial years of your career and enjoy the things later with greater opportunities. We are a part of the generation that is most indulged in parties, social media trends, hangouts, etc. Human beings are social animals and there is no harm in being a social person but when all these things start affecting your career and your studies, these need to be stopped as soon as possible. At least two months before your exams, stop going to all these social gatherings. Also, never be a part of such things at the cost of your studies. Learn to say no to your friends when they invite you to parties and hangouts. Say no to your family gatherings when you have your syllabus still left to be covered up and see the difference.

5. Set daily time limits on social media applications

“Disconnect to connect.”

In today’s world, social media applications play a major role in our lives. As I said earlier, there is no harm in being a social person but there should be a limit for each and everything. Whenever we need a break, the first thing we do is to use social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. We decide to spend 5 minutes on such applications but those 5 minutes turn out to be 50 minutes without even us realizing the same. But we should not forget that this is an era of technology. We have all the required features on your smartphones. Our mobile phones have the feature of setting up the daily time limits of any apps. Fix a time limit for using a particular app daily. Never waste your precious time on anything which is not worth it. Disconnect yourself from such distractions to connect with your successful career.

Being a student, you should be ambitious, career-oriented, and growth-oriented. Focus on improving yourself, your daily habits rather than destroying yourself by wasting your time, energy, and efforts. 

These are some of the tips on how to concentrate on studies that have been proved useful and worthy after successful research. 

We hope you implement them in your lives and get successful results.

All the best Intellectual minds!!

Happy Learning:)

Written By: Sukriti