HSSC Socio-Economic Criteria Reforms 2022, New Rules for CET

The Haryana Staff Selection Commission released a new notification for Socio-Economic criteria marks in government jobs. This article will explain socio-economic reforms the new marks system for the HSSC exam.

HSSC announced in the year 2021 that there will be along with other examinations, CET for the candidates who wish to be hired for Group-C (Clerical jobs such as of Revenue clerk) and Group-D posts (Library Attendant, Security Guard, Helper, Sewadar, Beldar, Gauge Reader, Safai Karamchari, etc.). CET is a written exam for qualifying to apply for the posts and getting recruitment.

Haryana’s CM announced to launch of a one-time registration portal for the recruitment of Group C and Group D. This will help to conduct a Common Eligibility Test (CET) for all the recruitment that comes under Haryana Staff Selection.

HSSC Socio-Economic Criteria Reforms

  • The Haryana Staff Selection Commission conducts a Common Eligibility Test (CET), as per a notification of 10th September, 2021, for the selection and recommendation of names of candidates to a Department for Group C and D posts.
  • The Commission has the liberty to set the number of questions, marks per question and duration of Common Eligibility Test. The scheme of marks in respect of selection to the post shall be as detailed below-

The scheme of marking

Serial NumberSubjects Marks percentage
1.Common Eligibility Test95%
2.HSSC Socio-Economic Criteria and experience05% (maximum)
HSSC Socio-Economic Reforms for 2021
  • The syllabus for Computer based online/offline or OMR based Common Eligibility Test can be divided into two parts comprising—

(a) 75% weightage for General Awareness, Reasoning, Mathematics, Science, Computer Knowledge, English, Hindi, and relevant or concerned subject(s), as applicable.

(b) 25% weightage for History, Current Affairs, Literature, Geography, Environment, Culture, etc. of Haryana.

  • 5% weightage for socio-economic criteria in the CET is provided to candidates fulfilling various socio-economic criteria as detailed below.
  • An applicant who is a resident of Haryana can be entitled to 5% weightage provided that—

(i) If the applicant himself or any person from amongst the applicant’s family is/was or has been a regular employee in any Department/ Board/ Corporation/ Company/Statutory Body/ Commission/ Authority of Haryana Government or any other State Government or Government of India.

(ii) gross annual income of the family from all sources i.e., salary, agriculture, business, profession, etc. for the financial year prior to the year of application should be less than one lakh eighty thousand rupees only.

Important points to keep in mind (HSSC Reforms)

Note 1.— It shall be confirmed from the data of Parivar Pehchan Patra.

Note 2.— The definition of ‘Family’ for the purpose of this sub-clause shall be as under.

  • Family for the purpose of—
  1. male applicant means applicant himself, his father, mother, wife, unmarried brother(s) and son(s).
  2. female unmarried applicant means applicant herself, her father, mother and unmarried brother(s).
  3. female married applicant means applicant herself, her husband, father-in-law,
    mother-in-law, unmarried brother-in-law and son(s).
  4. divorced female applicant means applicant herself, her father, mother,
    unmarried brother(s) and son(s). (5% weightage)
  • According to HSSC Socio Economic Reforms 2021, If the applicant being a bona fide resident of Haryana is—

(i) a widow or
(ii) the first or the second child and his father had died before attaining the age of forty-two years or
(iii) the first or the second child and his father had died before the applicant had attained the age of fifteen years
shall be entitled to 5% weightage subject to entries in Parivar Pehchan Patra or certificate issued by the competent authority in the specified proforma. (5% weightage)

  • If the applicant being an actual resident of Haryana and belongs to such a denoted tribe (Vimukt Jatis and Tapriwas Jatis) or Nomadic tribe of the State which is neither a Scheduled Caste nor a Backward Class shall be entitled to 5% weightage, according to HSSC Reforms 2021. (5% weightage)
  • If the applicant being a resident of Haryana, he is awarded half percent weightage for each year or part thereof exceeding six months of experience, on the same or a higher post in any Department/Board/ Corporation/ Company/ Statutory Body/ Commission/ Authority of Haryana Government. No weightage of experience for any period less than six months or for a period exceeding eight years. (maximum 4% weightage)

Other Conditions:(HSSC Socio-Economic Reforms)

(i) No applicant shall be given more than a total of 5% weightage for socio-economic criteria and experience under any circumstances.

(ii) The weightage by Haryana Staff Selection Commission or any other recruiting agency/body under Haryana Government shall be given only once in a lifetime for appointment to a post of Group C or D.

(iii) If a person or his family member is once selected/appointed with or without getting the benefit of weightage, no other family member shall be considered for weightage for selection/appointment to the same or any other post for which application has been submitted by any member of the family, as defined.

(iv) If a person resigns from government service in any Department/Board/Corporation under Haryana Government, any State Government or Government of India for whatsoever reason, he or any other family member is not eligible to claim weightage again under HSSC Socio-Economic Criteria.

For more details, visit http://hssc.gov.in.

HSSC Socio-Economic Reforms 2021

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