How to Crack SSC GD Exam Guide 2021

Every year millions of aspirants apply for various posts under SSC GD in India but only a handful of them get to crack SSC GD and the required exams and the interview rounds. According to some people, being in a government post is a matter of pride in itself and also, it provides better job security as compared to the private sector. Every one child out of 5 wishes to be selected as a government employee or clear SSC GD like government exams.

But students face a lack of guidance on how to crack competitive exams as such exams are expected to be tough and need preparation for longer periods. This arises a question in our minds that 

How To Crack SSC GD while being at home?

We all know that this global pandemic Covid-19 has forced all the educational institutions in the country to shut down. Students have to prepare for their exams either through online classes or by self-study. Cracking any competitive exams just takes dedication and determination to clear with ease. When you prepare for anything with hard work and dedication and you have that zeal to crack it, nothing in this world can stop you.

What does it take to crack the SSC GD exam?

Cracking competitive exams is much more than just studying. You have to look after many things to prepare well and perform best in any exam you’re going to appear for. You have to look after your health, both physical and mental. You have to maintain your timetable, work on your studying habits, check on tips and tricks by qualified mentors as to how to crack competitive exams. You’ll have to improve your daily routine to crack any competitive exam.

Here we have some tips for you on how to crack the SSC GD exam or any competitive exam with 100% results.

1.     Follow the concept of “Early to Bed, Early to Wake up”.

The human body requires proper sleep to perform any task with full efficiency. If you sleep early and complete your sleep cycle, it energizes you and boosts up your memory power to learn various concepts. In the early morning time, your mind is quite fresh and can grab things more efficiently than any other time of the day. Also, there is silence and somehow, positivity all around you. So, make sure you utilize that time of the day at its best.  

2.     Take care of your eating habits

Fast food or junk food can destroy your physical as well as mental health and also can affect your skin adversely which can distract you as then you’ll be giving more thoughts to your distorted body whereas homemade healthy food will boost up your body strength and keep you feel fresh and active. Homemade food is full of various nutrients and minerals which are required for a healthy body. Also, you can have black coffee the first thing in the morning daily and experience how it helps you feel energized and active for the whole day.

3.     Exercise daily

A human body requires a 70% healthy diet and 30% regular exercise to stay healthy and active. You should work on your physical health too to stay fit and disease-free during your preparation and exam period. While giving 14-15 hours to studies, you can give at least 30-40 minutes daily to your workout routine as it is a sort of refreshing factor and ‘Me Time’ for you and helps you prepare well for your exams.

4.     Start maintaining a “To-Do List” for everyday

Divide your topics/ concepts for each day and evaluate at the end of the day whether you have achieved your daily objective or not. You can just jot down all the activities to be done in a day in the morning or at the end of the previous day. Just plan things out and you’ll see how things start working more effectively. Also, we know every student during their preparations try at least once to prepare such “To-Do Lists” but it is difficult to maintain that. So, how tough the situations may become, make sure you stick to your prescribed tasks and complete them to prepare well.

5.     Attend your lectures regularly

From wherever you’re studying, make sure you attend your classes/lectures regularly. Teachers have a good idea as to what kind of questions are asked in exams and what topics are important to be given more time on. It will help you stay updated on changes in exam patterns or recent news by the exam conducting authorities. Also, attending regular classes will make you feel confident and motivated with your preparations and te. So, make sure you listen to teachers when they are giving tips on how to crack SSC GD or any competitive exams and do not miss any classes.

6.     Focus On Understanding Instead of Memorising

The topics you get to understand once deeply, you will remember them for a long time rather than the topics you cram. The topics you just try to memorize for an exam, you will remember for a shorter duration which will prove to be of no use for you. You can understand things better by clearing out your concepts and applying them practically.

7.     Focus on self-study

One cannot learn and memorize only by listening to concepts. You need them to give thorough readings at least 2 to 3 times to understand and memorize things. Teachers can only teach you, but it is you who can make yourself learn things better.

8.     Keep yourself far away from distractions during your preparation period

Social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. are sort of major distractions for students these days. Limited usage of such social media channels where one hand can be mind-refreshing but can be distracting on the other. Chatting with friends, scrolling down through news feeds is what can be much time-consuming and will waste your precious time. You can use other better mediums to refresh yourself like working out, playing outdoor games, playing with small children, etc. whichever you like.

9.     Evaluate yourself by solving maximum mock tests and previous year sample papers

Join some test series by any renowned institutes or online platforms like Dhurina, Testbook, Entri, etc., and practice through mock tests as much as possible but only after you have had a thorough understanding of the topics/concepts. Generally, some questions repeat after several years and once you have gone through a number of practice papers and previous year papers, it will make you more confident when you’ll have to appear for the actual exam.

10.  Be updated on current affairs

Current affairs cover an important part of any exam under the SSC GD exam category. Also, they are quite important from the interviewer’s point of view. If you have a good grip on current affairs and general knowledge, it leaves a good impression on the interviewer about your personality, and daily routine. Also, it helps you improve your aptitude level. So, make sure you have a good grip on current affairs. You can read newspapers daily as they are a good source to access the newest information. In this era of technology, you can also use many apps to stay updated.

11.  Study in a silent room

Something that affects our studying habits is the type of environment we are working in. If possible, make sure you can study in a silent room/ zone with no extra noises distracting you.

12.  Save enough time for revision

Divide your syllabus by the number of days left for the exam and make sure you keep enough days for revision only. The revision will somehow help you to have a good grip on those topics too which you had studied at the very starting of your preparation and make you feel more confident.

13.  Don’t you ever try to focus on a new topic in the last few days

Last days are somehow meant for revision purposes and not for starting new topics/ concepts. So, don’t start reading new topics or attending lectures on new topics in the last few days. Divide your syllabus in a way such that you can give enough time to the tough topics and easy topics can be worked on even in the last days.

14.  Take small breaks

The human body, on average, needs a 5-10 minutes break after studying for about an hour. When you spread your studying in multiple sessions while taking breaks in between, it will help you learn things more efficiently and memorize concepts for a longer duration.

15.  Search about various tips and tricks on how to crack competitive exams

You can search for various important tricks and tips from qualified and experienced people on how to crack SSC GD. Such tips can help you prepare in a better way and sometimes can help you identify the positives and drawbacks of your studying habits.

What it takes to crack one of the difficult exams, SSC GD is when you start working on the stated tips with 100% commitment and enthusiasm, nobody can stop you from succeeding in your life and achieving your dreams.

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